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n. 1. A mistake, as of grammar or style, in speech or writing

2. A breach of etiquette or manners

3. Something incongruous, absurd, or out-of-place.


“A government without the power of defence! It is a solecism.”
-James Wilson, Pennsylvania Convention on the adoption of the Federal Constitution, 1787


In Case You’re Interested

From Latin soloecismus, from Greek σολοικισμός (soloikismos) ‘speaking incorrectly.’ Named for the city Soloi in Cilicia, whose inihabitants supposedly spoke a corrupt dialect of Greek.

Originally relating solely to language, it has come to mean figuratively something out of place in conduct, or something that occurs so rarely as to be almost absurd.

Unfortunately, the use of solecisms these days, is not a solecism…


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