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3/15/16 – Today’s Word Is…



n. 1. A hypothetical stone supposed to be unbreakable or impenetrable.

adj. 1. Unbreakable or extremely hard.

2. Determined; unwilling to change an opinion or decision.

“When Eve upon the first of Men
The apple press’d with specious cant,
Oh! what a thousand pities then
That Adam was not adamant!”   -Thomas Hood


In Case You’re Interested

From Old French adamaunt, from Latin adamantem, from Greek αδαμαν (a ‘not’ + daman ‘to conquer, tame’). Also ‘adamantine’ or ‘adamantean’, that is, made of adament. Figuratively used for anyone who is immovable in their thoughts or actions. It’s not just for Wolverine anymore.


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